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Josh Okello: A Dedicated Family Man, Experienced Infrastructure Expert, an Instructor at Red River College and Polytechnic, and Respected Business Leader


Josh is a remarkable individual who embodies the values of dedication, family, and public service. With an impressive background in infrastructure development, a successful career in the business world, and a genuine commitment to solving problems, Josh has proven himself as a leader who brings people together and gets things done.

As a devoted family man, Josh understands the importance of building a strong foundation at home. He cherishes his role as a father to two wonderful daughters and recognizes that their future, and the future of all families, depends on the well-being of their communities. It is this deep personal connection that fuels Josh's passion for public service and his unwavering dedication to creating a better world for future generations.

Josh's professional experience in infrastructure is both extensive and impressive. He has been involved in numerous infrastructure projects, working tirelessly to ensure the development and maintenance of critical assets that support the growth and prosperity of communities. With his keen insight and expertise, Josh has worked closely with municipalities in Manitoba, focusing on infrastructure asset management to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. His contributions have helped shape the infrastructure landscape, ensuring sustainable development and enhanced quality of life for residents. Josh has managed the installation of fiber optic providing over 35,000 homes in Manitoba with high-speed internet. 

Beyond his work in infrastructure, Josh has also enjoyed a successful career as a business leader and an Instructor at Red River College in the Department of Applied Commerce. His entrepreneurial spirit and strategic mindset have guided him in establishing and growing successful ventures, creating job opportunities, and driving economic growth. Josh's business acumen has not only enabled him to thrive personally but has also allowed him to contribute to the prosperity of his community and Manitoba as a whole through academia.

Recognized for his exemplary work ethic and strong problem-solving skills, Josh is sought after for his leadership in various organizations. He serves as a director on several boards, where he provides valuable insights and helps shape policies that drive positive change. His ability to think critically, find innovative solutions, and collaborate with diverse stakeholders has earned him respect and admiration within these organizations and beyond.

Josh's commitment to public service, coupled with his extensive experience in infrastructure, business, and leadership roles, make him an ideal candidate to represent the interests of Elmwood community. With his strong work ethic and dedication to solving problems, Josh is poised to tackle the challenges that lie ahead, ensuring a prosperous future for all.



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